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About Tepco - Auto Service Since 1979

Tepco Tune-Up & Auto Care provides expert car care service to the good people of Chicago, Illinois. While you wait for us to take care of your vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that our expertise coexist with very reasonable prices. We truly care for our customers and vehicles, and we pride ourselves on providing service you can trust.

Read What Some Our Customers Have to Say!

"Tepco is right around the block from my work. I have taken my work van in for all kinds of things. Very nice, efficient and reasonable. I finally found someone that I trust. "

"Most drivers worry about where to take their car for service, and rightfully so. Tepco is a safe bet. You'll get your money's worth, and peace of mind."

I've been here myself and so have several of my friends. The guys who work here are honest, hardworking guys, and they don't have that sketchy factor that so many car repairmen have. They won't gouge you with high labor costs and they'll fix only what needs to be fixed."

"They can't do any major car repairs here, but if you need a belt changed or new brakes or a tune-up, I highly recommend this place."

"A neighbor recommended this garage years ago and no matter where I've run into trouble I've done what has been needed in various situation to get my vehicle to them even though that means getting it clear across town. The price of the towing (if you can't drive it in) is worth the peace of mind knowing that it's in the hands of a master mechanic (Lou) who'll charge you exactly what you are quoted which has always been a fair price. They won't try to talk you into all kinds of extraneous repairs either."

"Tepco is our "go to" auto repair shop. Our cars are both more than 5 years old and they take great care of them. Fast turn-around on service. I cannot remember a time we did not get our car back in one day. They do great work, never had to take it back for anything they serviced. Fabulous prices. Please patronize this neighborhood business."